Vanda Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'White Angel'

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Vanda Princess Mikasa 'White Angel' - (Vanda Royal Sapphire X Vanda coerulea)

Syn.: Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'White Angel'

Great addition to any orchid collection. Grows just like a miniature Vanda with bright light. Blooms with sprays of white flowers, the larger your plant gets the more often it will bloom. Mericlones in 3 inch pots one to two years to blooming size.

Colors: White!!!
Light: Bright
Temperature: Intermediate
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter: YEAR ROUND! with multiple flower spikes
Water: Water once or twice per week when top media feels dry to the touch.

-Shipped in a three inch pot, the buyer will receive a plant 3 to 4 inches across, that has been recently repotted! This plant is one to two years to blooming size.
Bloom photo is for reference only.

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