Tillandsia ionantha, 3 Plants

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Tillandsia ionantha, Three Plants, The Blushing Bride bromeliad sometimes called an air plant!  Beautiful soft silver-green foliage that turns vivid pink before it blooms as in the second photo.  Flowers are purple coming out of the center.  First photo is example of what the plants will look like when your receive them, second photo is for example only of what they look like when they bloom. Check out our other offerings for this plant as you can buy five for the same low shipping cost.  Easy to grow, you can glue it to a board or in a seashell, water occasionally and it will grow and bloom.  If you want to grow it in a pot just pot it with orchid bark or rock, no soil!  These plants are 2" tall and 2" wide.  They should color up and bloom soon, read more about growing Air Plants in our Blog.

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