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Two New Hoya Introductions

We are selling our first plant of our newest Hoya introduction on eBay, Hoya Mini-Belle 'Florida Stars'.  It is a sport of Hoya Mini-Belle that has lots of silver markings on the leaves.  I am sorry we only have one to sell at this time, if you are interested I hope you will check it out on eBay and place a bid.  We also have one plant to sell of our Hoya carnosa 'Nova Ghost' that we introduced a while back.  'Nova Ghost' is a sport that appeared on a Hoya carnosa 'Exotica' that grows very well and has leaves almost completely covered with silver.  This one is not to be confused with Hoya carnosa 'Grey Ghost' that was introduced by B.L. Cobia in the 1970's which we do grow but it is slow.  'Nova Ghost' grows easily and has shorter leaves than 'Grey Ghost' and short spaces between the leaves on the vine.  Please check out our new Hoya's on auction on eBay.  Thanks