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Shipping Troubles and Changes in Policy

We have been experiencing a slow down in the mail service due to the Covid Virus that has caused losses in a higher number of our plants.  Added to this slow down we now have the holiday traffic slow down and the dangers of winter cold.  Most of our orders make to there destinations fine mostly thanks to our wonderful job we do in packing our plants.  The use of our 72 hour heat packs help as long as the package can be delivered in three days and we have coming very soon 96 hour heat packs that can help on orders that may take four days to be delivered.  We will not be accepting returns or replacing plants that arrive damaged until the Spring or when all things become normal again.  Please only order if you are willing to take the risk of of damage due to shipping.  We will continue to select for you the best plants we have and wrap them with care.  We are wrapping most orders now in paper and plastic and you are welcome to ask for a double wrap.  Thanks for all the orders. Happy Holidays from all at Secret Garden Rare Plants.