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Operations Update

The stay at home order has led to a boon for our business, we have experienced a record amount of orders and have been working overtime to get them all out.  We have failed the past ten days in getting all orders out within our usual three days and appreciate everyone's patience.  We are having a hard time this past week in getting our shipping boxes to arrive to us in time.  Thankfully I have had some great help from Amalia and Sheila in finding ways to make do.  Amalia saved me from a nervous breakdown last week by showing me a shorter way to find orders to print the labels for.  I also owe a lot of thanks to Noreeka Bell our technical guru for getting the new laser printer up and running.  I am so sorry for all the collectors right now for our slim pickings.  I should be adding more items right now but seem to be deleting more and more due to them selling out.  I do have a lot of new plants to list but due to all our shipping the past two weeks I have not been able to make the listings.  We have listed several new hoya's in the past few months only to see them sell out in a few days to a few weeks.  I have lots of new hoyas rooting right now and will be back up to listing more in the next few weeks.  Pictured is Hoya Hot Lips that we do have listed now.  Thanks so much for all your orders please keep an eye on our web site for new plants starting in one week.