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More Hoyas In Production

We have been propagating our hoyas every chance we get and our benches are getting full with over 150 varieties in production now.  I would have thought I could have listed at least a hundred varieties for sale by now but as many new varieties get listed many are bought out in a few days.  I am thankful for everyone's enthusiasm and for the many orders and your many kind words of encouragement.  Shipping continues to have it's pitfalls in this time of pandemic with delays and sometimes damaged boxes.  Most customers are very understanding when this happens but a few make life difficult by blaming us for the delay or damage.  I am hoping things will get better very soon and shipping back to normal and timely.  We are thankful for all the many customers who have come in person to buy plants when we are open on Friday's and Saturday's and I have really enjoyed meeting so many new people.  A big thanks to the Tallahassee facebook groups that have been advertising for us. Thanks and Stay Safe.