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Hurricane Michael upgraded to Cat. 5

Hurricane Michael is now recognized as one of the four strongest hurricanes to ever strike the US.  We kinda suspected it was as wind gusts more than fifty miles from the coast were recorded at over 165 mph.  I am hoping that we can now get some more help in removing more of the trees and stumps.  The fire hazard all this material poses is of real concern to me now as there is so much fuel on the ground.  I had not thought much about how we are now exposed to more wind with so many of the trees gone but we had two windy weekends that made me think more about our exposure to the possibility of more wind damage.  I returned Sunday a week ago from the Tallahassee Orchid Show to find my drive blocked by a fallen tree.  It was a Bay tree that was among the few surviving trees on my drive that looked well after the storm but I guess it was weakened by the hurricane.  We also had a large pine top that had been dangling come down in the same windy weekend.  We work part of every day on plant production and sales and the other part of the day on clean up from Hurricane Michael.  I suspect this work pattern will continue for years to come.  I would like to thank everyone for the emails of encouragement and for your inquiries about plants we have offered in the past.  We are having the best week this week in sales of production from our new greenhouse and hope this will continue for years to come.  Thanks to all the Hoya enthusiasts that have continued to watch my listings for these plants, I am pleased to report that we are back in production of many of the varieties and will be listing them as they come ready in the next several weeks.  Thank You.