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Hoya wayetii vs. Hoya kentiana

I have caved to the online Hoya experts and have changed the name on the H. kentiana's I have been growing for many years.  I believe that the two are the same species and one is just a variety of the other.  H. kentiana has slightly longer leaves and there are minute differences in the flowers according to most listings.  I had mine identified by an expert who had studied the herbarium specimens and stated that they were the same species and since H. kentiana had been entered in the herbarium before H. wayetii that H. kentiana should be the proper name for the species.  Proper identification on many of the Hoyas can be difficult and is being made even more difficult by the propagation of many plants under the wrong names producing more and more listings online with the wrong name.  When the genome of the Hoyas is done there will be many changes in the nomenclature and I may have to change this one back to H. kentiana.