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Four Month Anniversary of Hurricane Michael

Sorry I have not written much lately, been very busy.  Fema has given us a deadline to have all cut trees to the roadside and we have so much down that it will take us years to cut it all up.  Still have hundreds of large stumps most half way out of the ground that I just cannot dig and move with my tractor.  We got a new storage shed two days ago and are very happy to have somewhere to put stuff and our fleet of chain saws.  Until today I have not been to the back of our larger nursery lot.  It was our shady lot with lots of pines and hardwood shade most of which is down.  My son Brandon and his friend Richie helped me cut and move a big pine log and we then made a makeshift bridge over a drainage ditch and was able to retrieve some plants from that lot.  It is around an acre in size and I had two three inch water lines in it with one and half inch risers.  I was very happy to see one line had all the sprinklers in place.  Most of the plants that were not smashed appear to be fine, lots of neat azaleas, camellias, figs, gingers, ferns and other shrubs in this lot, many my stock plants.  I had a very successful orchid show in MS. two weekends ago and I am looking forward to the one at Bellingrath Gardens coming up soon.  We are slowly getting our listings back up on the web site, just short a lot of our hoyas right now.  Etsy store is going well ad eBay is doing so so, taking over 30 boxes to the post office in the morning, my largest shipping day in over four months!