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Fond memories in these ruins

The portion of this block building on the right was our old pump house and had a large window in it.  My older brother made it his laboratory and work shop.  It was filled with electronics a lot of which came out of B-25 and B-17 aircraft that my dad's boss had bought surplus and my dad had help in converting them into spray planes.  My dad and my brother even got to go on one of the trips when these big bombers sprayed Miami Beach for the fruit fly's.  My dad's boss had offered my brother the electronics for free if he would just remove them from the planes.  It was fascinating stuff and I have fond memories of my brother helping me to build my own transistor radio and there was always lot's of cool chemistry experiments.  My brother went on and got a doctorate degree in Nuclear Physics and has worked for forty years at Lawrence Nuclear Lab in Calif.  The portion of the building on the left is what remains of my first greenhouse that I built when I was 15 years old, my grandfather helped me to lay the concrete blocks and there was a wood frame above that with wire covering that I would cover with plastic in the winter and the top was fiberglass.  Before I built this one I had planned to build a greenhouse 20' x 40' and my mother said no way that I would loose interest in the plants and she would be stuck with the greenhouse.  Both structures have been in disrepair and unused for a while and now they are both badly damaged by Hurricane Michael and will have to be taken down.  I just wanted to write this as a memorial to the fond memories of our humble beginnings.