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Back in the Hoya Business!

I have been working hard for the last six months salvaging and doctoring up my hoya stock and now I am finally back to selling some.  Please check our auctions on eBay as that seems to be where all the avid collectors are to be found.  We have up for auction now Hoya carnosa 'Nova Ghost' one of my new introductions, bidding is now over $200 for the small plant.  Another introduction I made last year is Hoya carnosa 'Argentea Princess' which I gave the first one I produced to my friend Susan of Lake Panasoffkee, Fl.  She has grown it well and has the first one that has been sold up for auction now and the bidding is over $500 for it.  I lost all of this one in the Hurricane but am glad I gave that one away as it could have been lost forever.  I recently sold one of my Hoya compacta 'Jodie's Silver' for over $400 on eBay.  We should have over 100 varieties of Hoyas for sale by the end of the summer.  Hoya's are fun plants that make great houseplants and are being grown all over the world, please take a look.  First picture is Hoya carnosa 'Marianna' second Hoya carnosa 'Nova Ghost'